COVID -19 Policy
Clean and Content has consulted with clients on their preferences for our return to home cleaning from Monday 29th June 2020.
Using feedback from clients along with the Government guidelines set out in their Working Safely during COVID -19 in other people’s homes dated 11th May 2020 we have completed a risk assessment which will be reviewed monthly or on receipt of further government guidance.
All clients of Clean and Content along with all team members are expected to adhere to the controls we currently have in place and have put in place in order to keep everyone safe.
The full risk assessment as of 24th June may be requested via email.
By booking in a service with Clean and Content clients are agreeing to this policy.
• We will not be visiting households that are isolating due to COVID -19 symptoms or those that have been advised to shield.
• Vulnerable households who are not shielding must discuss their individual circumstances with Kat to ensure extra individual measures are put in place where appropriate.
• Clients that have booked in with us between now and 4th September 2020 will receive communication detailing the measures we have put in place and will have the opportunity to discuss their individual preferences prior to our visit.
• A health survey will be carried out via text message prior to home visiting.
• All clients and team members are expected to inform Kat if they are suffering with any symptoms ASAP or need to cancel their booking for any reason.
• Availability is limited and in demand, we expect any cancelled bookings in advance so the precious space may be offered to another client.
• Although every care has been taken to plan our dairy carefully over the next couple of months, as always we may need to be flexible due to clients or team members needing to self isolate. As much notice will be given to clients as possible to reschedule or cancel their booking. We expect clients to also give as much notice as possible of their need to cancel their booking.
• All team members will be aware of client preferences for home visiting using feedback from our returning to home visiting survey and will be updated accordingly to any changes therefore they are expected to adhere.
• Where clients are home or two team members are present social distancing will be observed. Working side by side. Opening windows for ventilation, working in other rooms to client or other team member.
• All clients and team members must adhere to social distancing, where this is not possible, masks will be worn.

• Additional PPE to what we usually wear is not currently recommended although masks, disposable gloves and plastic aprons are available such clients or team members request their use.
• All clients should of received a link to complete their contact details including an emergency contact. Please complete at your earliest convenience.
• All team members carry their own hand soap and hand towel within their cleaning kit and will wash their hands on arrival and frequently within their visit.
• All individual cleaning kits will be wiped down after each visit.
• All gloves provided by clean and content are washed and dried inside and out after each client visit.
• Each client has their own set of bathroom cleaning cloths which are never shared between clients.
• Clean and content do not share vacuums or mops between clients. Client to provide vacuum and mop.
• Steam mops may be provided with cleaning pads laundered after each client.
• All team members have a plentiful stock of cloths and dusters which are laundered after each client.
• All equipment is laundered and stored at the business address.
• Clean and Content uses a professional hygiene laundry detergent to wash cloths and dusters at 40 degrees plus.
• All cloth masks will be laundered and ironed after each use.
• All team members are to use their own mugs, provided by Clean and Content, for drinks and carry their own water bottles and snacks.
• We will continue to use our usual eco and natural cleaning products.
• Clients may request we use their own cloths and solutions providing they agree to our policy on Clients Providing Cleaning Materials.

This policy is to be used alongside the full risk assessment and Client Policy on Providing own Cleaning Materials and May be changed or updated at any time. Any changes will be communicated and we welcome any feedback or requests for individual measures to be discussed at your convenience.

Please contact Kat

Updated 24th June 2020