Clients Providing own Cleaning Materials

This notice sets out the terms and conditions for clients to provide their own cleaning materials for team members of Clean and Content to use.
Clean and Content provides all basic cleaning materials required for regular home cleaning excluding a vacuum and a mop, as these are not shared between houses. It is expected that clients provide a vacuum and a mop for their own personal use which may be purchased by us and billed via invoice. Alternatively, clients may request the use of our vacuum and mop at an additional cost.

Cleaning chemicals provided by Clean and Content are hand picked eco friendly and natural products that we favourite for many tasks around the home. We also use e cloths as we value the cleaning power of water alone and work hard to use the least amount of chemicals whilst in your home. Our methods and routines bust the dirt and germs and lightly fragranced eco cleaning chemicals add the extra sparkle.
We do however understand that some clients wish us to use their hand picked favourite cleaning products for certain tasks and welcome this when it comes to special items such as flooring, hobs, silver and laundry. We also understand that some clients may be used to their products and not confident with us using our methods and products alone.
All clients wishing to provide their preferred cleaning materials must first discuss their preferences with Kat and keep in mind the following terms and conditions in order for us to keep safe.

Cleaning Chemicals
• We will use our own cleaning chemicals as much as possible in your home. We have hand picked these, we know how to work with them safely and efficiently and we have the chemical data sheets to help form our risk assessments.
• Any chemicals you would like us to use must be discussed prior to the home visit.
• Specialist products for items in your home such as floors and hobs that you’d like us to use regularly can be added to our risk assessments and chemical data sheets obtained.
• All products must be in their original packaging with the manufactures instructions for use and safety advice clearly visible.
• Team members have the right to refuse to use a certain product if it is not what they are expecting and require some reassurance or training.
• Where possible clients are expected to use their own products themselves either prior to or after our visit.
• Many of our clients may request something a little stronger than our eco methods such as bleach or mould remover. We can meet this request on occasion although it is not something that we would like to do regularly. Working with various different cleaning products for many clients within a day is not pleasant.

• If you use bleach down the toilet or are leaving items to soak in strong products please leave the chemical out so we know ie lid down on the toilet with the bleach on top so we know what’s down there. Many cleaning products cannot be mixed with bleach containing chemicals.
• We cannot guarantee the quality of the clean or the finish using products that are not our own.
• Whilst we do our very best to meet your cleaning requirements on our visit, be that weekly, fortnightly or four weekly, in the time you request, our service does not replace the daily cleaning tasks required to keep your homes super spotless and germ free.

Cleaning Cloths and Sponges
• We have a plentiful supply of dusters, cleaning cloths, ecloths and various sponges that we use in clients homes that are washed with hygiene professional detergent at 40 degrees + and are not shared between clients before being washed.
• For bathrooms, each client has their own cleaning bag with cloths and sponges that have added antibacterial properties and toothbrush which are never shared between clients. They are washed, dried and stored on the business premises. We replace them regularly.
• If you would like your own cleaning cloths to be stored in your home provided by us, we can arrange an individual cleaning kit at a cost for you to launder yourself and leave out for our visit.
• If you would like us to use your cloths and sponges we can advise on what we like to use and why.
• You may provide your own clean cloths and sponges for us to use.
• We cannot guarantee the clean or finish using cloths provided by you which are not our own hand picked favourites.

We hope you love our products as much as we do…please do contact Kat if you’d like to provide your own 😊

Updated June 2020